Contract and Tort Law
We advise you on the conclusion and implementation of civil contracts and the protection of your rights in civil contracts as well as provide assistance with any claims.
Family and inheritance Law
In certain moments, family relationships require regularization. We offer you advice and prepare all necessary documentation.
Medical Law
Patient's rights and the relationship between patients and doctors are legally regulated. Errors or negligence at work demand responsibility of the involved. In that regard, we offer you advice and representation.
Labor Law
We advise you in relation to the protection of employment rights and ensure fulfillment of obligations.
Social Security Law
With a great understanding of the complex system of rights in the field of social law, we advise you on the acquisition or preservation of your rights.
Property, Construction and Real Estate Law
We arrange your real estate situation and offer advice on regulation of the relationship between all involved entities.
Administrative Law
We advise in the administrative procedure and prepare appeals against the decisions of institutions.
Call for tenders, public procurement and European funds
We prepare tender documentation and provide you with advice on tender application, implementation of the public procurement procedure and with regard to procedures for obtaining EU funds.
Public Law
We provide advice to state institutions and other public entities on organization and operation.
Constitutional Law and protection of human rights
We advise on procedures for protecting fundamental human rights at national and European levels.
Commercial Law
We advise on all areas of commercial law, namely in the field of status and competition law, the financial instruments market and intellectual property law.
European Law
With in-depth knowledge of European law, we conduct a comprehensive analysis of legal areas, offer a proposal of solutions and prepare a presentation.
Enforcement Law
We prepare all documents and proposals in enforcement proceedings and advise you on debt recovery.
Criminal and Misdemeanor Law
We prepare an application in the misdemeanor procedure and represent you or your interests in criminal proceedings.